MTC – 20 Questions with Jessica Hjertum

On this inaugural edition of Meet the Committee, we’re going to talk with one of our newest Committee members, Jessica Hjertum (the ‘Jess’ who posts on Facebook, and the author of many of our posts)

  1. Who are you – I’m Jessica Hjertum!
  2. Position in the Committee – I’m currently the Assistant Secretary and Social Media Coordinator
  3. What kind of activities do you do for the Club – at the moment, I take minutes for all the Committee meetings, I manage the website (including all of our posts since the beginning of May), I post to Facebook pretty regularly to keep people interested – and I’m also coordinating the Club’s involvement in the Scandinavian Festival.
  4. How long have you been involved with the Club? – only since 2016 – but I’m looking forward to being with the Club for many years to come.
  5. What’s your link to Norway? – my Grandfather was Norwegian and we have a long, LONG family history that’s traceable so far to the early 11th century in Norway.
  6. What’s your favourite myth/legend? – Tough question! I love so many of the Norse myths and legends, but my favourite has to be this one, where Thor and Loki are travelling with Thor’s attendants to the land of the Giants, and after a number of challenges, Thor and his companions are despondent at their failings – but it turns out that they had been tricked and were in truth much, much more powerful than even the Giants had believed.
  7. Best Norwegian band/composer and why? – I LOVE Wardruna.. they’re a Norwegian neo-pagan band that sing in Old Norse and use reconstructions of old Norwegian instruments (like the Kravik Lyre) to make incredible pre-Christian-sounding Norse music. If you’ve ever seen Vikings, the entire score is performed by Wardruna.
  8. Favourite memory of Norway and why? – When I was 18 in Norway, I visited the Viking Ship Museum and saw the Oseberg ship for the first time. After having spent years fascinated with the ship and what it represented, I burst into tears at seeing it up close and personal.
  9. Do you play any instruments? – sadly, no – I used to play piano a little, but mostly I just sing
  10. If you could have a super power, what would it be? – I’d love to be able to breathe and see underwater.
  11. What’s your top 3 favourite movies?  – Beauty and the Beast (the Disney cartoon is still the best), Hamlet (the 4 hour Kenneth Branagh version); aaaaaaaaaand Arn: The Knight Templar
  12. What’s your favourite colour? – I really love Prussian Blue and Indigo at the moment, but my all-time favourite is candy apple red.
  13. What would people be surprised to know about you? – I am almost as obsessed with the Early Modern period in England as I am with the Viking Age.
  14. Favourite Nordic food? – definitely a nice lamb stew….. there is nothing in the world better than a hearty lamb stew…. with some apple cake for dessert.
  15. What’s your favourite free-time activity? – reading….watching movies/historical dramas….travelling to cool places…..and baking cakes
  16. What do you do outside the Club – work, study, other commitments..? – I work full-time, bake cakes when the occasion calls for it… and study a Bachelor of Arts in International History (which is on hiatus until July)
  17. Favourite quote? – Hvad udad tabes skal indad vindes (what is lost without shall be found within)
  18. Which 3 famous people – living or dead – do you most admire? – my mum, Harald Fairhair (because reasons) and the last one fluctuates, but at the moment, Fred Astaire.
  19. If you had to choose only three adjectives to describe yourself, what would they be? – analytical, expansive, loyal
  20. Where do you most hope to visit? – I really want to go back to Norway, Finland and Iceland again – but I’d also love to travel around the Netherlands and Germany.

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