Another amazing 17 Mai has come – and now at nearly 7pm in Brisbane, the day is almost over.

This morning, ANSA Brisbane hosted the May 17 march through Brisbane City. There was much excitement, laughter, entertainment and flag waving as Norwegians and Norway-lovers alike got together to show off their Nordic pride.


17 Mai is a great day to indulge in the nicer things in life – ice cream, hot dogs and waffles. In my house, we started the morning with Norwegian waffles before my partner and I headed off to work. I repped my Norwegian pride by wearing a Norwegian flag ribbon and a brooch my grandmother gave me… my partner wore his Norwegian flag pin. Now that we’re home again, it’s time for a lamb stew for dinner (recipe will be out soon!) and piles of ice cream for dessert.


What did you do to celebrate 17 Mai?

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