We’re a month into our New Year’s Resolution series… January brought us the concept of a home-made lunch for work every day – and to quickly recap, I think I’m doing pretty well with that resolution. Some days I’ll slip and buy something, but I have REALLY gotten into curried egg open-face sandwiches for work lately (yay protein!) so on the whole, that’s been a great resolution to set

But now it’s February – and if you’re in Brisbane like me, the heat is APPALLING and relentless…and if you’re like me, you usually associate koselig (or hygge) with the concept of warm sweaters, blankets, hot chocolate, fire places and being snug and cosy in an idealistic-type frozen winter that us Queenslanders can only dream of.

HOWEVER! Koselig is so much more than that, and you can create it whenever and wherever you are – even in the midst of a blisteringly hot, humid summer. So without further ado, some tips for creating Scandinavian bliss in the land of Oz:

  • FOOD. Food is an intrinsic part of koselig… it’s summer, so why not have a barbecue? Toss on some veggies as well as your usual fare (steaks and sausages for us) and enjoy the sights and smells of truly delicious summer food. Bonus points if you go to a park to do your barbecueing so you’re enjoying the great outdoors and taking time away from the hustle & bustle of normal life.
  • FOOD 2.0. Any season in Australia is a great season to have dinner alfresco. Get some friends together for an outdoor dinner party where everyone brings a dish, so you can all enjoy a great time together without anyone having the pressure of cooking for the masses (and getting stuck in the kitchen as part of the deal)
Have dinner in the great outdoors with friends and family
  • HOME. If you’re thinking about redecorating, go for a more neutral palette with your walls and floors – beige, creams and pale greens are always classic – but can be a bit of a challenge with small children (I personally don’t understand the Australian obsession with carpets! Give me bare timber floors and some throw rugs any day). Timber furniture is also fantastic because timber has a beautiful warmth and life to it – and is pretty sturdy.
  • HOME 2.0. If you’re not thinking about redecorating (and you’re not allergic), it’s an excellent time to start decorating your living spaces with flowers… they smell beautiful, they look even better…and you can change them every week. Silk flowers are also a classic, and you can buy some beautiful-quality ones at places like Lincraft – with the best part being that they never need to be replaced, just dusted occasionally!
  • SEATING. Make sure you have a comfortable spot in your home where you can sit and relax, read a book or write in a journal…do something that’s not screen-based (unless you like e-books). In our home, we have a couple of chaise lounges that we’re planning to set up in a library-styled nook with lots of choices of books to read, some soft lighting and comfy cushions.
  • GET OUT THERE. Australia has some of the most amazing beaches – and one thing that never ceases to bring that feeling of koselig for me is taking a tent and going down to Byron Bay for the weekend… It’s a great place to unwind and be in the moment – and there is nothing better than buying a pizza from the local pizza store, going down to the beach after sunset and watching the ocean and the lighthouse with your favourite person (or people) as the stars come out.
Byron Bay as the sun sets
  • WRITE IT OUT. Lastly, one of my favourite things to do is to take 5-10 minutes for myself every evening before bed to write in a journal. Some days I have a lot to write, some days I prefer to decorate the page with drawings or scrapbooking supplies – but it’s a great way to have a short while just for yourself every day – and it’s really cool to look back on old journals and see what you were feeling and what you were up to in the past.

So that’s our top 7 ideas for creating koselig in your life… summer or no summer! What do you think? Do you have any things you like to do that make you feel warm and cosy? Let us know in the comments.

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